Version:0.1-Date:11/10/2017-Type:Simple Script

Start the development of the project on the local server

Download YouTube videos with all available visual and audio formats

Version:1.0-Date:23/08/2018-Type:Simple Script

Develop the project by adding other user features

- A large thumbnail of the video shown on the page

- After clicking on the image, watch the video in full screen

- After sharing on social sites, the picture appears larger and clearer than Facebook

- The button to join the channel owner appears to receive additional participants

- button to see all the images available for the published video

- Download the video in all available formats of video and audio

01/12/2018-Type:Simple Script

Publishing the project on the main server

Version:1.1-Date:12/12/2018-Type:Simple Script

Some responsive screen problems have been fixed Now it can be used on Mobile-Tablet- Desktop And Laptop

- Start developing a blog on the Wordpress platform for premium videos with the squeez-page to reach the audience of video enthusiasts

Version:2.0-Date:16/12/2018-Type:Simple Script

Some Download Videos Type And Size Videos problems have been fixed

Edit Styling And Responsive Screen(Desktop-Laptop-Mobile)

Version:2.1-Date:22/12/2018-Type:Simple Script

Adjusts the length and width of the images in the Og-Meta-Image

Change some links

Edit Styling

Version:2.2-Date:15/04/2019-Type:Simple Script

Page Fullscreen Direct temporary link on YouTube server Embed Page problems have been fixed

Version:2.3-Date:20/04/2019-Type:Simple Script

Page Fullscreen Embed Page Ytdvideo problems have been fixed

Version:2.4-Date:26/04/2019-Type:Simple Script

Page Download Videosproblems have been fixed

Version:2.5-Date:06/05/2019-Type:Simple Script

Add new links in Navbar - Create a group on the ~whatsapp - Modify some icons links

Version:2.6-Date:22/05/2019-Ramadan 17/ 1440-Type:Simple Script

Show the difference between a site's video link and a YouTube video link on the page header for site visitors - Modify some icons links

Version:2.7-Date:02/06/2019-Ramadan 27/ 1440-Type:Simple Script

Show Url YouTube's shortcut to visitors With adjustable buttons on the Navbar

Version:3.1-Date:04/08/2019 Type:Simple Script

Comprehensive update of the script   The weight of the script has been reduced to the server as some programs that have no value have been eliminated And add some decorations

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